We want your guests and you to be safe, healthy, and happy. So were taking extra precautions. All meals are created by our chefs in a sanitized environment. Mask and gloves are worn at all times. All groceries are sanitized before going into the prep area. And all Chef’s will isolate from work for 14 days after exhibiting any suspicious symptoms (fortunately this has not happened.)
Social distancing from our lovely clients is maintained at all times for the safety of our Chef’s and for you.

How do I get the Food from the Personal Chef?

The chef prepares the food one or two days each week (I suggest Monday or Thursday ) in your kitchen at a convenient time for you or your household staff. Chefs can cook with you at home or you may choose to make arrangements for the chef to cook while you are away.

How do I choose my gourmet dishes for in house Personal Chef Services?

You hire hourly, You may choose weekly from the suggested menu, make your own or go wild and have the chef surprise you each week based on what you have said about your preferences in the initial consultation. You may leave the list for the Chef each week, fax, or email it.

How do I get the Food for catering or parties?

Everything is prepared on location. Simply contact us for a consultation and custom menu by Chef Natasha.

How do I choose my gourmet dishes?

All recipes are custom created for each client and each event. You can have as much or as little input as you like. We can create a menu nice and quick, simply answer a few questions over email or text message. Or if you would like a more hands on approach we can arrange a telephone consultation and design the menu together.

How do you come up with your prices? Are they a good value?

My pricing is extremely competitive and reasonable. Here is the equation:
It is a great value!