We offer in-home meal services and cooking classes online: One-on-one private cooking lessons, Team Building, Girls Nights, Couples Cooking Classes, Date Night and Kids Cooking Classes. Houston & New York State

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About Our Executive Chef

Chef Natasha Treú serves clients in New York State and Southeast Texas. She is a native Houstonian, specializing in boutique Chef services. Because of life as a Houstonian, she has a palate as diverse as the city itself. Is there something you crave? She can deliver!

Recently she spent 4 years cooking in Europe. This combined with her travels to India, Mexico, Central America and Australia; Chef Natasha has developed a deep well of knowledge in international cuisines. She has an intense love of delivering creative and flavorful dishes customized for each client.

As a Celiac she had made it her personal mission to study nutrition, clean eating, food allergies, fitness, dietary restrictions and various heath conditions. Her personal style takes into account, your personal style. This means that to meet your needs, you don’t have to sacrifice or do without!

This is has made her a competitive choice for high-end Private Chef services. And a top choice for group and private one-on-one cooking classes. Chef loves fun face-to-face time with clients and prefers working with small groups, creating exquisite cuisine, on a boutique basis.